24 powerful LED lights an extra, panoramic, 120° area!

Installation is so quick & easy — just peel & stick:

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  • Order Ever Brite™ Ultra Today!

Securely mounts to all these surfaces in just seconds!

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Brick, Stucco, Siding & More!

Introducing Ever Brite™ Ultra

Ever Brite™ Ultra is the wireless solar powered light that glows all night. Ever Brite™ Ultra shines brighter and whiter than ever before with 24 powerful LED lights. Ever Brite™ Ultra has panoramic lighting with 5 LEDs on the sides, it covers up to 120 degrees of illumination with its extra wide beam. The motion sensor detects motion up to 12 feet away straight ahead or from the side. Ever Brite™ Ultra lights the area with a bright light from dusk till dawn. And the built-in motion sensor turns up the light as you approach and dims as you walk away.

The Innovative Solar Technology charges a high capacity lithium-ion battery during the day to keep Ever Brite™ Ultra lit for up to 12 hours at night. Ever Brite™ Ultra's construction grade adhesive mounts in seconds to just about any surface – bricks, stucco, siding, and more – No wires and no tools, it’s just peel and stick, quick and easy! Great for the door, walkway, path, steps, garage, shed, deck, fence, stick it anywhere! Best of all, it's durable, weatherproof and heat resistant.

  • Weatherproof Weatherproof
  • Motion Activated Motion Activated

Perfect for lighting all this & more:

    • Doorways Doorways
    • On Sheds On Sheds
    • Walkways Walkways
    • Around Pools Around Pools
    • Stairways Stairways
    • Near Trash Cans Near Trash Cans
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The Ever Brite Ultra solar light is distributed by Ontel Products Corporation, 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, New Jersey. Neither the Ever Brite solar light nor Ontel Products Corporation is affiliated with Everbrite, LLC.